Career Day Day 3
Career Day

Day 3 hungergames stories

commafulgames Victors are Elliott and Corinna
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Look into what the career pack is doing.

Career Day Day 3

Wolfy stumbles to the ground a winces. "Get up!" Orders Anna. She lends her older sister her hand. "If you want to stay alive then you need to learn to fight!" Anna draws out her sword again. Wolfy comes at Anna and slashes her sword wildey.

"Unbelievable." Anna groans, walking away from Wolfy. "I should be teaching you!" Wolfy yells after Anna As soon as Anna was gone Wolfy sees a figure move. She draws her sword. "Who's there!" She yells, pointing the sword to each tree.

A boy then puts his arms up and walks out from behind a tree. "What district are you from!?" Wolfy points the sword at Luxeish. "District Nine. Calm down, Career." Luxeish rolls his eyes. "That's not a smart move!" She points the tip of her toward to his belly.

"Okay..." Luxeish says then runs off, leaving Wolfy.

>:) I tHiNk YoU kNoW wHeRe ThIs AbOuT tO Go

Lex and Seryna drag a dirty body all the way back to the cornucopia. "Is that Allie?" Anna asks. She has her sword tucked in her belt hoop, and she is drinking water. Lex and Seryna set down Allie on the floor.

"When's the next hunt?" Wolfy runs out of the forest. "Now, but since Lex and Seryna wanted to kidnap somebody, they can stay behind." Obskuria laughs. "You too. You have to keep working on the walkies." Anna says.

Anna and Wolfy go off to hunt. Lex, Seryna, and Obskuria stay behind with Allie. <Rowan0530 sponsors Allie with knife and grenades> A parachute drops down to Allie and allie throws a grenade which hits Seryna. Seryna dies.

Annie uses her knife to slice Obskuria's ankle. Lex starts to choke Allie, but then Cali, Lumity, and Elliott come out of the woods and knock out Lex. Elliott is limping. "Let's get out of here." Lumity says, and runs back into the forest.

When Wolfy and Anna return they see Seryna dead, Obskuria injured, and Lex unconscious. "We need to get them!" Obskuria yells. "They're not our biggest threat. We need to find Chop and Artemis's group." Anna says. "I think we should take out the weakest first" Wolfy says.

Do you agree with Obskuria, Anna, or Wolfy? Vote in the comments who they should take out first.

(Next half of the day coming soon)

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