Creator Spotlight: @Fmeeraj123
Creator Spotlight: @Fmeeraj123 creator spotlight stories

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Creator Spotlight: @Fmeeraj123

My name's Fiza Meeraj, I am 18 years old. I study at Kings College London and am excited to publish my poetry book 'Beautifully imperfect, flawlessly incomplete..'

Some Life Advice:

I think my biggest advice about life is be a better person today than you were yesterday. This well help you have a clear cut goal on improving yourself as a person.

Getting Inspiration for Writing:

Feelings and life experiences. I write on topics I feel passionate about. In all honesty i'm pathetic at writing it's feelings that give me the energy to express.

What do you like about Commaful?

Unlike other platforms, commaful is a platform designated to just writing so your work can reach a wide range of like minded people, and therefore a wider audience.

Advice for Others on Commaful:

Write for passion...thats how you get an audience. Don't worry about followers and likes. If you write your heart people will see that and in turn you get recognition.

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