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Creator Spotlight: @Ak909 creator spotlight stories

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Creator Spotlight: @Ak909

My name is ara, I am 12 years old, I have twin brother (@therealgregsta) and I just use commaful for fun! (but i'm seriously addicted)!!! XD

Some Life Advice:

Don't let others pressure you into being like them! Just be yourself! If people don't like you for being yourself they are NOT your true friends!

Getting Inspiration for Writing:

Meh. Just anything that goes in my life. Sometimes things give me an idea in my school, and sometimes I just randomly think of a post LMAO

What do you like about Commaful?

Welp I don't have a phone and this is the only "social media" not blocked at school, and not only that, but no one is mean or rude, everyone here is so supportive/kind!

Advice for Others on Commaful:

Just have fun! There's nothing to worry about, no one is really judgemental here!

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