Commaful Updates - January Edition
Commaful Updates - January Edition stories

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If you'd like to share your thoughts on Commaful community naming, fill out this form: (this is also in the description and comments)

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Commaful Updates - January Edition

We will be having another Commaful Town Hall on Discord, this Saturday February 6th at 9am. Excited to see you there! See description and comments for link to Discord.

We wanted to share a few updates from the last month and share a few things we've been working on!

1) We are excited to launch a few new Commatopias led by Commaleaders: @bts, @shortstory, @starwars, @poetry If you see them around, tell them how good of job they're doing :)

We are still testing things with these Commaleaders and hope to roll out more Commatopias soon! P.S. We're calling them Commatopias because we want them to be the "perfect" places to go deeper with your passions.

2) Many of you probably saw a new feature when uploading images last month. There is now a way to credit images directly when uploading images!

3) We would love your input on some naming within the community! We see a lot of people calling stories, the community, and others various terms and we'd love to standardize them.

If you'd like to share your thoughts, fill out this form: (this is also in the description and comments)

4) Chapter 2 is so close. More of you have access to the app now as we test. Still knocking out bugs. We've been particularly hard at work on this.

5) More general quality of life fixes. You may not see them, but we're working on them! Especially around spam and site stability.

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