Something New on Commaful
Something New on Commaful stories

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Something New on Commaful

If you haven't noticed already....

There have been some HUGE changes to Commaful. We are excited to share some of these with you!

Please share your feedback in the comments!

1. Tapping instead of Scrolling!

People found tapping to be much easier and faster (and more people finished stories). So now...tap to move forward!

2. Daily Prompts!

On the computer version, you will now see a daily prompt in blue. Top posts will get featured in the side bar every day!

3. Contests page!

Some of you may have seen this already:

4. Download and share stories as video!

On any story you made yourself, click on the share icon and you will see some video options!

5. Redesigned last page

Bigger buttons and more recommended stories to get you more reads!

6. Fun loading screens

Ever get bored waiting for commaful to load? We tried making it more pleasant

Let us know your thoughts!!

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