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commaverifiedThe Commaful Team
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Two heads are better than one (or so they say). To participate in the collaboration, fill out this form: https://commaful.typeform...

Thanks to Commaful Ambassadors @lostangel @LostInMyDreams for setting this up!

Commaful Story Collaboration Contest

Want to meet other community members and tell amazing stories? Want to get more followers out of it? You're in the right place.

You will be paired with another writer to collaborate. You will collaborate to make a TWO part story. Part 1 will be posted on one writer's account. Part 2 will be posted on the other writer's.

You will brainstorm the story together, work on the writing of it together, and more. You will credit each other in the description.

Helping you both grow your audience and stretch your creativity!

Entries close end of March and pairings will come out April 1st. You will then have until May 15th to create the 2 stories.

The top 3 stories with the most likes will be deemed the winners! Link to enter in the comments section below!

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