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Commaful Poetry Slam

A fun, friendly competition to celebrate amazing poets!

Here are the details!

The contest will run until July 21st

Share your poems & get upvotes! The top 3 most upvoted post in the "All Time Top" in Poetry on July 21 will win! Top Rankings Updated Daily:

Top 3 Most Upvoted poems will be blasted to 100k+ people

We will use Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr to broadcast your poetry to the masses!

Submitting: Log In and click "Create a Story"

Write your poem through the slides and make sure you select the "Poetry" category at the bottom before you submit.

You can submit as many poems as you like!

Feel free to invite friends to compete or upvote!

Log in or Signup and Click "Create Story" to make a submission!

Questions? Ask in the comments below!

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