Commaful Creator of the Week: @sohineedey
Commaful Creator of the Week: @sohineedey stories

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Commaful Creator of the Week: @sohineedey

I am:

An Indian who just completed her young adult years and stepped into the word of new adult. A food addict who can literally marry food!

An undergraduate student pursuing a degree in Biotechnology. A person who loves to write and dreams of becoming an international bestselling author!

I have already published one of my works but I'm not going to call myself an author just yet because I have a long way to go.

Some life advice:

In a world that is full of critics, we should try to be an encourager instead of being the Satan of crushed dreams. A few words of encouragement never hurts instead can give a person hope.

The post I made which I'm most proud of: 'Brushstrokes' It's one of the most treasured poem which I have written and along with the background images, it feels like the poem came to life!

The most important thing I like about Commaful is the people

I don't think I have ever come across such people who are so very willing to help others. It's the people of commaful who gave me a major confidence boost when I published my first poem.

For those who are new on Commaful:

Follow as many people as you want. Post your works and when someone posts a comment keep up the conversation with them.

Just be yourself. This community accepts people as they are without trying to mould them into someone they are not.

One more thing:

I always try to do things which I'm passionate about because I believe that life is too short to become a doormat and let others walk all over myself.

Lastly, I would like to quote myself,

'I am the withered willow who is pliable and mellow yet when the time calls for, I can go solo.'

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