Commaful Creator of the Week @laxamanaysa
Commaful Creator of the Week @laxamanaysa stories
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Congratulations to @laxamanaysa :) This week's Commaful Creator of the Week!

Commaful Creator of the Week @laxamanaysa

I'm from the Philippines. I love reading and writing.

I play the piano and spends a little too much time on the internet.

Life Advice:

Don’t give up. There’s always hope. Cherish all those moments with your friends and family before they go away. Live in the moment. Because these kinds of moments won’t be lived again.

Commaful Post She Is Most Proud of:


Why She Likes Commaful

I like Commaful because you will be able to express yourself through your posts. :)

Tips for Others Joining Commaful

Take it easy. Don’t pressure yourself too much. :)

Believe in yourself

Take 'no' as a motivation to become a better person.

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