Commaful Creator of the Week: @erofaer
Commaful Creator of the Week: @erofaer stories

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Commaful Creator of the Week: @erofaer

I'm an high school artist

who loves traveling, living, and people

Advice for life

Don't be what you think you're expected to be, be yourself (typical, I know). If they don't like you, it's not your problem.

My First Kiss is definitely the most popular, but my favorite is Midsummer Dreaming.

I love Commaful because

I can easily share thoughts and poems and get feedback from other brilliant writers.

Advice for other Commaful Creators

Don't think too hard about what you want to share, just write whatever comes to mind.

Oh, one more thing

Read screenplays, it's totally worth it. (I'd suggest Titanic and Pride and Prejudice).

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