Commaful Creator of the Week: @bernardtwindwil
Commaful Creator of the Week: @bernardtwindwil stories

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Congratulations to this week's Commaful Creator of the Week!

Commaful Creator of the Week: @bernardtwindwil

About Tom

I have been married my great and one true love for 41 years. I am one of the most positive persons to ever live. I love exercising my brain.

I am exacting and disciplined in my demand for logic and rationality. I love words. I am the father of three adult (sort of) children. Two of them I talk to daily.

I have four grandchildren,

Two boys 8 & 4, two girls 6 & 4. The four-year-olds are twins. I am 72 yrs old.

Life Advice: Get an education in something employable.

Find a job that will be your best friend. Walk on the sunny side of the street. Keep the company of positive people.

Tell negative people to get lost.

Don't waste your time with people who don't get it.

The Commaful Post I'm Most Proud of

The one I am most proud of is (this is hard) "Your beautiful" I also like "The American bathroom controversy"

Why I like Commaful

Commaful is a platform for literate expression of beliefs, experience, and feelings. It is populated by a most talented group of wordsmiths who support your inspiration and creativity.

You can read fantastic stories and poetry that are brand new, You are able to form an association with other writers that are a treasure beyond anything except grandchildren.

One more thing:

"Take life in large gulps. Moderation is for monks."...Robert Heinlein

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