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Congratulations to Govind! Follow him here: @govindarajanp

Read the full interview here:

Comma Creator of the Week: @govindarajanp

Right now I am a freelancer.

Started my life as a career banker and later shifted to IT. I like writing — but over the years in the job, sort of, blunted me. Once I turned freelancer — have started doing things I like.

Never wait for an ‘opportune time’

Before you realise, you will be too late. Start today and start now — however little. But start! and go along with the roll. You never know where your next life learning is going to come from.

The Comma Post I'm Most Proud Of

Let It Be: is a post I liked a lot. It occurred to me while I was on my morning run. Each person has has some own unique talents.

My 1st post was within the 1st 5 mins of registering

It is so simple, so elegant and more than anything else manages to inspire you to write immediately. And with the feedback coming — makes you come back and write, again and again.

Tips for others on Comma

Start writing! Make your story and be proud to share.

Please keep us inspired 

 I’ve started late in life and comma, I hope, will inspire me enough to keep going.

Be sure to follow @govindarajanp

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