Comma Creator of the Week: @ciarose
Comma Creator of the Week: @ciarose stories

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Congratulations to our creator of the week! Find her stories and follow her: @ciarose

Comma Creator of the Week: @ciarose

My full name is Felicia Rose

but I’ve started going by Cia for a number of reasons, but mainly because I like it. I live in Hawaii and have since I was nine.

My Life Advice: everybody needs somebody

Including yourself. What I mean is that you need people in your life and people need you in theirs and sometimes, sometimes you need yourself.

Comma Post I'm Most Proud Of

Tinder Adventures pt. 2: I didn't expect it to blow up like it did ut I"m really glad people enjoyed it.

Why I like Comma

One of the reasons I like Comma is the way you’re able to share ideas and experiences with people, it’s an entirely new concept and it helps people have a voice.

Tips for others who join Comma

My advice is to be as free as you want to be with the content you post. Let it be anything. People will enjoy your posts regardless, there’s an audience for everything.


I want to thank everyone who has read my posts and interacted with me in any way, wether it be asking questions or offering ideas for future posts.😊

Be sure to follow: @ciarose

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