Be a Commaful Ambassador and Help The Community Thrive!

commaverifiedThe Commaful Team
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More details and application here:

Be a Commaful Ambassador and Help The Community Thrive!

We are revamping the Commaful Ambassador Program! We learned a lot from the last batch of ambassadors and we're back with more!

Ambassadors will help run community events, welcome new users, help new creators, run social media initiatives and more!

The people are what make Commaful so special. The Ambassador program is meant to amplify that.

Check the comments section for more details and the application form! Apply by February 1st.

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potatoesarefabGifted Writer14 and frustrated
2 months agoReply
Will you still hold another event like this in the future? :>

commaVerifiedThe Commaful Team
7 months agoReply
More details and application are here: Apply by February 1st! Special thanks to @thewriter @anominous @bernardtwindwil @sleeplesstruths @sohineedey @venice for being amazing ambassadors. You guys are all also welcome to jump in again if you want to be an ambassador again :)