young blood
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comababyin love with the darker things
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thoughts that i get at night, from my diary.

young blood

by comababy

We smoke our lungs cancer-black,

kiss with no regret.

Live fast, die young.

your glitter blue eyes set me on fire,

they make me melt.

Under pastel skies we walk

& deny the dark,

....that hungrily eats our souls out.

when the days are over, lonely lying in beds,

cold softness to hopefully dry our tears.

we fall between wasted roses and love lies,

trying to feel whole.

Emotions. like:

body, weight, school, love, self - esteem, sexuality, other problems....

so what about:

risk, intoxication, bruises, pretending, pills, distraction...

suddenly sounds like a sweet temptation.

while we prepare for sudden evanescence to

make it stop.

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