swimming pools/ get out of my head
swimming pools/ get out of my head stories

comababy in love with the darker things
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swimming pools/ get out of my head

by comababy

Your eyes are like headlights,

floating light, that leaves me clueless,

you stay hidden in the shadows, I'm revealed,

at your mercy.

and I could lie " I love you ", but to be honest

- more a temptation - I don't know you.

and just 'cause you're on my mind like a broken record,

how can I be sure it's lo-ve?

I like imagining dark rooms, where we

might kiss - maybe, listen to music, talk definitely. actually I prefer talking to getting physically by far.

Let us just dissolve, vanish,

every time in bright neon colours, thousands of fireworks.

and I'm happy.

.....would I be happy?

Illusions, pictures, light. Been always good at painting, decorating.

transfigured, shining, starlit, sugar sweet,

but that seldomly happens to be what reality is made of.

maybe you aren't real by daylight.

my mind is playing tricks on me.

I hallucinate.

you're maybe not even real.

and. my. heart. beats. for. You....

so I say " I do not love ",

no, not at all. I don't want to.


or maybe safety?

still I thoughtlessly drown in your goddamn blue green eyes

& I wish I didn't know their colour, your name.

by the way, your name doesn't have any real anagramms,

I didn't play with the letters in my head, I didn't. Shit.

See? I'm drowning in cold heart - shaped swimming pools

- green walls, blue grounds.

Like in a temporal loop or on a carousel,

I have the pleasure (curse) to go round again and again and again.... accompanied by the background music of your favourite rapper,

and I hate his lyrics, you know?

I hate them, not all, but most of them, with all the sick´, needless violence in it......

anyways I listen to the damn music,

wondering what you might like about it.....

and that terrifies me, it drives me insane.

you drive me insane.

Love isn't for me.

You aren't for me, I'm not for you.

Fire & Ice,

not to be united. It sucks.

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