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coltonc17 Madness is the key to creativity
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A poem about a butterfly? I'm sure most creative people can relate to this, I'd love to know what you think, any feedback is appreciated. This is my second poem, written the morning after the first. I haven't done any creative writing in about 5 years, so I have no idea what I'm doing really. Have a nice day


Burning water scars your skin Arched back, slipping on the cold marble. Trapped like an animal, trying to

fly away. A spark, a golden haze, a rainbow as light meets water Your prison a glowing chrysalis The rush of

inspiration. Flies fast up, out of reach It's wings a vibrant orange Rare and beautiful It is

lost to you. Slipping into darkness The maze of the mind A vast forest Full of life, full of dead ends

You may catch a glimpse of orange Through the mist. Like a beggar, reach up with grasping hands, desperate, feel its touch, it burns your frail fingers, and you fall

into darkness Blind as a beggar Empty and cold, you wait for the rush to return the rush of wings vibrant orange rare and beautiful butterfly

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