Behind you.

Behind you. horror stories

coltonc17Madness is the key to creativity
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The feeling of being watched. Wrote this after waking through the woods near my house this evening. If you thought it was creepy then I've succeeded lol. If you didn't like it, just put the experience behind you. Any feedback is appreciated.

Behind you.

Look over your shoulder, again. Hear whispers slice through the darkness Frantic footfall A muffled scream It's Behind you.

Waning willows lean into the wind ominous warnings echo, around... the back of your head A pair of Eyes fixed there, too Behind you

A howling tempest buffets your body raincoat billowing behind you as you run. Hear

nothing. Silence swept across the ashes You stand at a crossroad Limitless lines to follow...

But you retain your route through the darkness through the cold

Torrents of trees tower over you Ingrained into the bark a skull Rustling leaves whispering willows Each,         step,                you,                      turn to look And tremble. It's behind you

Sprinting through sickle You stumble and fall into a clearing Pathways all around like arteries

But you don't see them can't, or won't Keep        limping                    forward A dark silhouette Blocks the path Look over your shoulder for another way

Too late Shrouded in night, the shadows crawl towards you Hear... footsteps Behind you.

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