Silence Through The Mask
Silence Through The Mask suffer stories

coltenis Short stories and poems.
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Strength is hard to find, especially once in a routine.

Silence Through The Mask

As I wake up,

I see people smiling.

I pull on my mask,

Look like I’m happy.

What they don’t know

Is the silence of my pain.

The tears behind the smile.

The scars beneath the pale skinned mask.

As I walk around,

I see people being social.

I adjust my mask,

Jump into conversations.

What they don’t know

Is the silence of the fictitious words.

The lies hidden within my teeth.

The way words have hurt me so many times before.

As I head home,

I see people hanging with friends.

I replace my mask,

Walk with others as well.

What they don’t know

Is the silence from me in the group.

The reasons behind my craziness.

The paranoia within my mind.

As I go to sleep,

I think of the day I had.

I swear to leave the mask off the next day,

But the cycle repeats.

I want to show my strength,

But it’s buried beneath the mask.

Everything I keep to myself,

Eats away at me,

Killing me slowly

From the inside out.

My mom always said,

Beware the smiles painted gold,

A wolf in sheep’s clothing is more than a warning.

I’ve become the wolf,

Hiding among the sheep.

My silence,

Though killing me

Is what keeps me alive.

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