“My world” Colourz Dinero
“My world” 
Colourz Dinero

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“My world” Colourz Dinero

When i wake up.. i wanna hide from the sun... I wanna start in the dark and hide.. like im hiding for fun.. When i walk out side Ppl stare so i feel like a bum Not that im not dresses right But becuz im not feelin like myself in my own skin Full if secrets n lies from within

They dunno my pain My pain fills my body like rain filling a drain... A rush... no air ... just drowned in sarrow.. I got pride. I got confidence But whats that gonna do wen u have no one to love? No mother to wipe my tears No friends to be my ears

If i asked for help would u come Or would u tell ur friends about the agony i endure? Laugh behind my back and get joy from my pain? Or will u help me over come In have joy not pain? Whats love .... ?????

When ppl cheat and lie My world is painfulmy world is sad I put on a make-up’d smile to hide The same way i try to hide from the sun so i dont feel like bum...

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