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There's nothing humane about animals being brought into slaughter. An insight.


"It's so cramped in here.

Minutes ago there was light. I think that was the sun.

I'm not sure, though, I've never seen it before.

I'm so thirsty; I wonder where we are.

Maybe it's nicer here; maybe they have water.

My legs are starting to shake, can I please move again soon? I'm so weak.

Oh look, they're opening the door. Here they come. Oh, they look n-

Ouch! Sorry! I'm sorry!

If only I knew what I'm sorry for. My existence?

I'm sorry.

At least I can move now. I think I have to walk into this hallway.

Oh! What is that smell?

I've smelled that before, where I was before I came here.

It's so strong this time, though. And there's blood on the floor,

oh no, is someone hurt?

Are you sure I need to go there? Ouch!

Please, I'm not too sure about this, Pl- ouch!

Okay, I'm going. Please don't hurt me.

Look, another person. Maybe they will help me.

Let me have a look.

Hello, hello! Sorry, but wh-, wait, what's that in your hand?

Will you maybe help me?

Wait, what are you doing? What is hap-"


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