My fire, my stars.
My fire, my stars. art stories

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A stream of consciousness. Do your passions ever fade or are they just waiting to flourish again?

My fire, my stars.

Art is the burning hot fire in my stomach that keeps me going.

When I was in kindergarten, I wanted to become a dancer. Now I know that's not necessarily one of my talents but I thought that was what I wanted.

From the moment I first learned how to write and put my fantasies into words, I wanted to be an author.

I used to make little books filled with stories and illustrations about princesses and their adventures trying to find their dream prince.

And for a brief period in time, I even thought I would just become a songwriter.

and then I discovered drawing again in eighth grade and thought, this is it. I'm going to art school. This is what I want to do.

For a long time, I thought my interests, my passions, just faded over time because that's what happens, right? You change and so do your passions.

I missed one important thing. All those dreams I had were the same at the core. I've always wanted to become an artist, in one way or another.

For as long as I can remember, I've wanted to find ways to properly express myself.

Of course, my views on art changed and of course, I tried out different forms of art. I've always been like that; there is no way I can stick with just one thing forever.

But more and more, I'm starting to realize that my passions for all of those things never passed.

They didn't fade.

Slowly but surely, all of those things are coming back to me. I've started writing songs, painting, and right now I'm laying in my bed writing this stream of consciousness that is my art.

It all comes back to me.

In fact, it never really left.

This is my fire.

Those are my stars.

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