How to Draw: Lilligant (from Pokemon)
How to Draw: Lilligant (from Pokemon) howtodraw stories

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How to Draw: Lilligant (from Pokemon)

Hi! Today I'll be showing you how to draw Lilligant (from Pokemon) step-by-step. You'll need: - Blank paper (sketchbook paper works best) - #2 pencil - Black outline pen (Pigma pens work best, sharpies are also good) - Eraser

- [Optional] Colored markers: dark green, light green, yellow, and coral or peach Let's get started!

Let's start with construction shapes.

First, we'll draw a circle with two slightly tilted lines like this: Make sure the horizontal line dips a little bit lower than the center of the circle.

Then, make a small dot in the upper right quarter of the circle. Make sure that the dot is a bit closer to the center of the circle than the center of the quarter.

Next, draw an oval facing outward from the dot.

After that, draw one identical circle on each side. These are the petals.

Draw a curved line slightly farther than the circle like this:

Start at the center of the tip of the left petal and draw a teardrop shape.

Do the same for the right petal, making sure that it somewhat touches the side of the circle.

Last, draw the top of the lowest leaf.

[Optional] Draw a crown-like shape at the middle of the flower.

Now, we can do the construction shapes for the body.

First, draw an oval like this below the head:

Then, draw a small circle below the oval.

Next, draw a slightly bigger circle under the small circle. Make sure you leave a tiny gap between the two circles.

Then, draw curved lines on each side of the circle. These are the arms.

Hover your pencil above the center of the horizontal oval, and move to the left until you reach the leaf-bangs. Then, draw a small circle.

Then, hover your pencil and move across to the other side of the head. This time, move up slightly. Then, draw a circle.

Next, draw lines on each side of the small circles (similar to the arms).

Now, draw a large circle starting at the bottom of the small circle.

Then, draw semi-circles on each side.

Next, draw a downward-facing triangle at the bottom of the big circle. Draw an upward-facing triangle in the middle.

Do the same for the sides, but make sure the triangles are on the ends.

Do the same for the petals.

Now, we can outline it using the construction shapes as guidelines.

We'll start with the flower...

Then the leaves...

Then the bangs...

Then the tendrils...

Then the head...

Then the collar...

Then the arms...

Then the "legs" (the petals at the bottom)... Make sure you do these BEFORE the body (they overlap).

Then the body... Make sure you put the triangle between the arms.

Then the leaves on the body...

Then the hair...

And then the eyes.

Then, erase your pencil marks.

If you don't want to shade it in, you're done! If you DO...

[Optional] It's time for shading! Use a pencil for this. Don't make it too dark, but don't make it too light either.

First, we'll add the shading on the body. This is pretty easy, just make a dipped line in each segment of the body and shade under it.

Then, the leaves on the body. Start at the tips, draw a line going up a bit, and shade it in.

Next, shade in the petals on the bottom. This is similar to the shading on the body.

Now, shade in the collar. This is just going to be a thin line.

After that, we'll shade in the hair. Draw an arch between the left tendril and the left arm, and the same on the other side. Then, shade above it.

Then, the tendrils. Shade this the same way you shaded the leaves on the body.

And finally, the leaves. On the right leaf, draw a line from the bottom of the right petal and shade above it.

Now, color over it!

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