Let them live!!
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Let them live!!

by coldanddark

Two legs sliding forward simultaneously With hands curved backwards And fingers tangled roughly

A shiver walks down and the skin cries to detach itself. Legs crease to break the build, Everytime the eyes looks into itself frame the face in people's way.

Unveil insolence, perturbed glance , That jaw just unlocks for wrenched words

Those lines on the forehead , Depresses itself everytime When the humans feels discontent Everytime they meet their gaze with

The soul has been shouted with bruises And the hands tries to break the glass Everytime eyes sees itself in the mirror

Terror surrounds the mind Dark souls are been defined

Face carrying infinite flaws Specified everytime it shows up Those bare feets knows the pain The load heart carries to places

Eyes knows the truth deeply And mouth don't utter a word weakly Patience fights with lot of words And feeling the ignorance is a regular drug

The head is packed with recommended changes And the body tired endeavouring them Why the weak soul has to change Why the nasty appearance has to digest the pain

Those beings were never given the choices nor the right to face the world Those tiny eyes have always carried the ocean Let them live their life freely Don't bound them into your opinions

Let the heart be healed now enough has been scratched without reasons let their world be beautiful and their presence be purposeful

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