You and I, Together We Are: Ending
You and I, Together We Are: Ending snowwhite stories
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Loosely based on the prompt: Princess Snow White and the evil Snow Queen? One and the same.

You and I, Together We Are: Ending

In a blink of an eye my room was in a state of disarray. That's how powerful I am. I am powerful and I refuse to let that answer stand. Snow White would not be the fairest one of all for long.

If the rags that she wore did nothing to diminish her image, then it would be time to take more drastic motions.

Unfortunately, my power was witnessed by others. It's fine but they had forgotten how strong their Queen was.

When the King was alive, he wanted me to hide my power, he didn't want to seem weak in comparison to it. However, people are concerned about me now.

It's not usual that I show such an obvious destructive example of my power. They think that I am losing control of myself. They are wrong. I have never been more in control.

My thoughts have never been more clear. They want me to stay in bed, they want me to rest. But I will not rest.

An end had to come to Snow White and I would be the one to put an end to her. I wouldn't trust anyone else with the job, I wouldn't trust them to do it right.

They would most likely fail, and I don't have time for failure. I will not fail.

With the plan quickly coming together in my mind I gathered the things that I would need.

It wouldn't be hard to trick that dumb girl into something that would mortally wound her but what would I use that would keep suspicion away from myself?

Poison would be the easiest. There are so many chances to sneak poison into something that the Princess would consume or touch. But what would I put it in?

I turned to stare at the mirror that had betrayed me so many times in the last few days. The face was missing from the sight glass leaving only my resemblance.

I studied my own reflection, somehow it felt like forever since I had seen my own face. I touched the mirror and traced the outline of my face.

Had the lines of my face always been so sharp? I suppose they must have. My eyes must have been this dark the last time I saw them, right? And my hair, how long had I kept it up like this.

How long was my hair now?

Even as I wondered my eyes kept catching my own in the mirror. What was so different about them? What was not sitting right with me? Why did my eyes not seem like my own in this mirror?

"My Queen."

I hate to say that I jumped when the Magic Mirror burned into existence. "What is it, you fool?"

"Snow White is the fairest one of all."

I turned away from the mirror, feeling my dress flow away from my body with the force of the turn, "I am aware Mirror! I plan to do something about it."

"How will you poison her?"

"I am thinking about that. How shall I?"

"Food would be a good start but maybe a bit obvious."

I look over my shoulder at the mirror, I suppose it is right. Food would be the most obvious, but I know just what I would poison. Snow White's favorite treat.


Snow White!

Snow White is dead!

The Princess is dead!

They say that she killed herself!

She poisoned herself!

It is said that she could be heard talking to herself in her room while staring at a mirror.

I thought it was rumors until I heard it myself one day.

But she really did it.

She really killed herself.

I knew she was having problems since the Queen died when she was young,

And she was having an even harder time now that her father died

But I never thought that she was suicidal.

I just thought that she was grieving.

Poor child.

Poor lost child.

It's a shame she was so pretty.

The Kingdom truly lost its greatest beauty.

Snow White was truly the fairest one of all.


I hear that instead of burying the princess they are going to make her a glass casket.

It's true.

They want to preserve her beauty or something like that.

I know,

A glass casket,

Who ever heard of such a thing.

I also heard that a Prince stopped by the castle,

I guess he was one of the princes being considered for marriage to the Princess.

When he heard that the princess had died,

He demanded to be taken to her.

Then he tried to kiss her!

I swear!

I heard it straight from the guard that stopped him.

While they were dragging him away he was carrying on about being her true love,

Or something like that.

He was convinced that his kiss would wake her up from death.

That's what he said.

I wonder what they are putting in these royals' water sometimes.

Since when are kisses magical?

Grief is an awful thing.

It can drive people


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