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I had a dream last night .


I had a dream last night

everything was calm,

The rain stopped falling

all the clouds were gone.

I was walking down the street

with no one else around

I was feeling happy,

who would have thought?

On my left, some flowers were blooming

With bright green and red and yellow

it was all so pretty, it was all so mellow.

I thought I'd go and find you,

share my happiness with you,

but then I realized, I didn't know where you were.

So I started yelling out your name

Hoping you'd hear it

But my voice echoed and came back to me.

I hurried down the street,

with my shoes untied,

I thought I'd stop and tie them,

but there was no time.

The clouds started coming back at me,

and some thunder in the distance was warning me:

''It's over, you've had your fun,

it's time to go and hide.''

But I wanted to see you, and the thunder didn't scare me,

I zipped my jacket and put my hands in my pockets.

I lowered my head, didn't want to see the sky

all grey and cloudy and spitting down at me.

I looked for your house,

but I felt lost.

I remembered the white fence

and the window on the second floor.

But I couldn't find it, thought I'd lost my mind,

when I heard your voice and turned around.

You were standing there in your white coat

black trousers and those shoes that you love.

So I cried out loud: ''I thought I'd never find you.''

You just smiled and told me that now you're here.

So I ran, but I didn't seem to move.

The pavement was sticky, covered in glue.

I was scared, and then I looked at you.

You said: ''Don't worry, if you can't come to me

then I'll come to you.''

You were getting closer

and I was feeling a bit warmer.

The wind stopped blowing right when you came near,

and your blue eyes suddenly made the sky clear.

And then I realized: It wasn't the sky, it wasn't the glue

It wasn't the thunder and wasn't the cold

It was all me, I made it rain.

Will you please always stay near?

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