Through the woods
Through the woods lurking stories

cnslancelot A french writer that loves horror fict
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Woods can be scary at night, and it is never good to venture there when the lights are out. Especially in those woods, where the thing is lurking.

Through the woods

It was dark and stormy. My brother and I – well, my brother to be honest – had the misfortunate idea to take a shortcut through the woods. The woods? Right in the middle of a storm? Yes!

However, that was not the most disturbing. No, in fact I was more worried by the fact that in those woods there was nothing to light your way.

We were plunged in complete darkness, for with all the foliage the moonlight could not pass through. We had to move slowly, feel our way, fearing to fall onto something.

The wind was blowing in my ears like a ghost. And any noise, the leaves rustling or a branch cracking, would make me startle.

I was also scared that a bolt of lightning come and hit a tree, setting it on fire.

All those woods was enough to make you paranoid, and my brain too imaginative for that started to play tricks on me. We had heard peculiar rumors about the place.

My brother, of course, did not believe it; but I was too gullible and feared the worst. The feeling of being stalked, a hand trying to reach out.

Do you know it? Do you believe in it? When you turn back, it would disappear.

So, are you sure there was nothing? The fright you may feel when thinking that if you did not turn around, it would catch you will probably go to your heads.

It will follow you home, even late at night when you will be sleeping. Because it is always there and never go away… well, upon those words of caution, I hope you have a nighty night.

And if you ever go by the woods and that you feel it tickling your feet, I warned you. Good night!

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