Pact with the jinn
Pact with the jinn wish stories

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A wish granted... But at what cost?

Pact with the jinn

Under a big oak tree by a river, a young man was digging. There was a rubbish bag at his feet that seemed to contain something quite big. The man was crying, sobbing as he was digging. After an hour, he finished. He dragged the bag to the hole and pushed it in. That man was me and this is my story.

It had happened so fast I did not even have the time to react. We were out to see a movie and have a drink. Then, seeing it was already late, we had the bad idea to take a shortcut in order to go home faster.

We understood our mistake when a weird man accosted us. He was stumbling, probably because of alcohol. He was stinking from miles away and it was half exaggerated.

I should never have refused to give him my wallet. I did not react when he pulled out his gun and pointed it at us. Not even when he fired. When I went back to my senses because of the big bang, it was too late. She was lying there and our aggressor had run away.

And that was how we got to the old oak tree, burying such a gorgeous creature. I stopped a moment to dry my tears, picked up the shovel and filled the hole.

Once I was done, I went alone with my sadness for a sole company. On the way home, I met an old woman.

“Well you look really sad on such a beautiful night,” she said. “Oh, if only you knew,” I replied.

“I just buried the one who illuminated my nights and now it’s nothing but darkness and desolation. I feel lost as if the lighthouse that guided my road had ceased to work.”

“It’s still possible to fix a broken lighthouse,” she said with a yellowish smile.

“Not this one I’m afraid,” he said aggrieved.

She smiled again and took a little box out of her pocket. She handed me the object and I took it to have a close look at it.

“What is…” I raised my head, the old woman had disappeared mysteriously.

. I considered the object in my possession, wondered why she had given it to me.

Then, I went back home, put the box on the bedside table and slumped onto my bed. Soon I started to feel exhausted and eventually fell asleep.

In my sleep, I could hear her spectral voice calling me from the underworld. It sounded distant and, at the same time, so close. It was coming from the bowels of the Earth.

I woke up startled. On the table, the box was shining.

I took it in my hand and read the words written on its back. ‘Make a wish and crank the handle’ could be read.

A wish?

If I could make one, it would be to see her again of course. I did not believe in this kind of things but I was on the verge of despair. I wished her to be by my side once again.

I cranked the box open. When the lid was lifted, a strange little being went out of it.

He was wearing nothing but blue and white striped trousers, his hair was braided and went down to his bottom.

He was floating right in front of me, staring at me with his green eyes before frolicking around.

“A wish! A wish!” he was shouting while flying here and there before stopping before me again. “Too happy!” he said as he was twisting.

“Excuse me but what are you?” I asked, curious. He stopped leaping around and gazed at me so intensely that I felt completely denuded. “Me? But I’m a jinn,” he answered.

“A jinn?”

“Yes, a jinn and I’m here to grant your wish.”

I was speechless. Did I hear correctly? Was this little thing really able to grant me the wish to see her again?

“Yes, I’m here to fulfill any of your wishes! I’ll bring her back for you!

“Wait a sec,” I said suspiciously. “What do you want in return? I guess this is not gratis.” “Yes, there is one thing,” the little jinn replied.

“What can I give you in exchange for what you have to offer?” “Nothing to give… however, there’s one condition to your wish.” “What’s this?”

“You must not leave the lady of your heart, not even a second.” “Why? What would happen?” “She’d disappear,” he answered with a serious look. “And you must not touch her either.”

“What?! But that’s impossible! How do you expect me to… not even a caress? A kiss? “None of that and you can stay with her.”

I sighed and nodded. The jinn pronounced some sort of incantation and I dived into a deep slumber.

When I woke up, I nearly screamed. There, by my side, the one I had buried the day before was sleeping.

I brought my hand to her face but, remembering the conditions to my wish, I refrained from doing so.

I looked at her, listened to her deep and slow breathing. My desire to touch her and see if it was not another dream was so intense. She opened her eyes.

“Morning,” she said, giving her best smile. Emotionally, I cried.

The days passed and I did not stop keeping an eye on her, not even a second. Wherever she would go, I went. I also had to struggle with the urge to touch her, to kiss her. She did not say anything about my strange behavior.

Not even when I avoided her kisses that I would have formerly loved.

The days continued to pass, then the months and soon I began to regret. I was forever bonded to her but she seemed so far away like a distant dream.

I was even scared to sleep at night and to see her gone when I awoke. I would have given everything for a caress. I almost cracked a few times. I could not stand the situation anymore.

Every night, I was crying in sorrow. I wished I had not made this stupid vow.

‘Just a touch… just one,’ I begged.

She was there, so close. I could smell her perfume. It was heady, intoxicating.

One day, I had enough. I could not carry on like that. So, tearfully, I decided to say farewell. I thanked her for loving the bloody fool I was and kissed her tenderly.

. I closed my eyes, refusing to see her go and when I opened them again she was not there anymore.

She had disappeared in a last kiss, a kiss that I would remember ages later.

Then, one day my turn to die came. I did not regret anything. I had found a new wife, a new reason to live. Two of my children had got married.

It was time for my last slumber. I was leaving to meet her again, the one that one day, in a last kiss, had flown away.

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