Reacting to peoples bios! part 2!
Reacting to peoples bios! part 2! reacting stories
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cloudy_flame Fears don't define you- Actions do
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*sarcasm warning*

Reacting to peoples bios! part 2!

Aspendao š‹š¢šŸšž š¢š¬ š­šØš®š š”, š›š®š­ šššš«š„š¢š§š , š¬šØ ššš«šž š²šØš® Riiiight, so tough that a nine year old knocked me down by tapping my hand. (Im basically a body builder..)

@wafflecatz Feb 14 is so close it hurts Indeed. And im guessing you're a single Pringle? (dont feel ashamed Im the singlest Pringle :))

@inkdragon My mind is a force of un-nature So, your mind is a force of un-nature.. Does your foot have artificial coloring?

@goldenphoenix Bad decisions make good stories Right, unless you die from making that decision. Otherwise, thats 100% true.

@pigfromcali Romance and Candy? hell no. ;-; *me raging because her previous bio was ' I was obliged to come back because of the romance'* ;-; ;-; ;-; ;-; ;-; ;-; ;-; ll-l

@natty_hat Just one of those days... *starts being a karen* one of those days when what happens? huh? cant answer that can ya? what happened today? hm? hm? spit it out, im waiting. hm?

@wafflewaffle772 Yep. Im fine. No need to worry. GUYS THEY'RE DIEING SOMEONE COME-

@00051370 Ok im back so jostive jostive Jostive jostwhat? I need to say jostive more. jostive jostive jostive jostive jostive jostive jostive.

@papaya_grl619 Equality, bi*ch. She/her bi*ch. Im not sure what to think.. well, your bios kinda interesting, hOn.

The end ~

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