Cloudy Talks with @anime_senpaii!
Cloudy Talks with @anime_senpaii! @anime_senpaii stories

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Check out the Awesome @anime_senpaii, AKA Yuri on Cloudy Talks!

Cloudy Talks with @anime_senpaii!

Hello Cloudys! Today im here with the Awesome..


Hi Yuri! Welcome to Cloudy Talks!


Alright first question:

What do you think of corn-dogs?

Never had one XD sooo I tHinK I never had one

XD oh okay, I barely eat meat, but I had a few when I was younger lol


Next question: Do you prefer reading or writing?

Writing buttttt I do like reading manga

Yeah, im not sure for me.. it depends how obsessed with the book I am lol

Same for me kinda lol

XD, ok next question:

Do you find it annoying when someone is chewing gum near you, and you hear it?

Nope XD

HOW? I dont know why but I get so annoyed when I hear noises lol..


Its music to my ears lol

ACKK I cant even-

But if they do it on purpose ill get annoyed

Yeah, for sure

*deep breath* Ok, next question!

would you say you're more extroverted or introverted?

Umm mostly introverted

Wait no I got confused XD i meant extrovert I’m mostly confident lol

Oh lol XD

Would you call yourself an athletic person? if so, which sports do you do/play?

I’m not too sporty but I do like basketball ( by that I mean through a ball throw a hoop part XD )


Ok, last question!

Say a random word quick!


I saying that in my head XD to a ghost

XD, alright thats the end of the interview!! Thanks for joining me Yuri, I hope you enjoyed it!

I did and byeee

Thanks for tuning in to Cloudy Talks! See ya next time, and if you wanna be interviewed put it in the comments!


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