100/125 follower contest!
100/125 follower contest! contest stories

cloudy_flame Time is precious, waste it wisely.
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Sorry it took me so long, I can barely do the simulator I have so I decided this is better!

100/125 follower contest!

First: No, I am not quitting the sim I already have going. Anyways!

So, I was thinking, and I realized I really want to do a collab with someone!

But, I wanted it to be someone that I didn't hand pick, so I'm make a contest to decide!

This is a poetry contest, as the collab with the winner will be a poem.

The prompt for the poem is..

any place! You may pick a place you would like to go, a place you're in, a place you love, or even a made up place!

Im super excited to see what you guys come up with!

Im not gonna be posting for a couple weeks, because i'm going somewhere for spring break, so I won't be actively viewing entries.

The contest is due April 8th, which is a Thursday.

Now the prizes!

3rd place: a like, a follow, a shoutout, and a new friend :)

2nd place: a like, follow, shoutout, new friend, and when I do it which will be In a couple weeks, and interview on my show(I'll make another post about that!)!

1st Place: a like, shoutout, follow, interview, collab and new friend! :D

Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor! *sigh, I NEED to stop stealing lines from movies..*

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