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But whatever you do,
Mind my heart

Dark Cloud

Just take my hand and run

Keep running and running till we hit the sun

It may seem useless, it may seem crazy

But take my hand and you’ll see

Your shadow is dark against your skin

But your eyes they’re wide and sparkling

Yet your shadow grows and stills

And still we run, we hit the hills

Its getting hard and gaining speed

And your eyes are starting to look bleak

‘Cuz we round the corner and right when we thought

We could finally stop, we get caught

That dark cloud, the only thing darker

Than your shadow that’s getting sharper

Is everywhere, it is all around

We run and run but it still knocks us down

But my legs are as strong as your heart

And as long as we both don’t fall apart

We will make it to the grassy pains across the hills

To the sun, the flowers and the air that stills

Hold onto this feeling

Hold onto my hand

Close your eyes and trust in our plans

Break the rules

Break apart

But whatever you do,

Mind my heart

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