The Man I Thought He Was
The Man I Thought He Was commaful stories

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I really thought I knew him, Until all he wanted, was my dead body!

By: ClifforaBlogs

The Man I Thought He Was

By ClifforaBlogs

I ran to the kitchen! When I looked back, I saw he was still following me.

But when I had reached the kitchen cabinet, I pulled it open as hard as I could and pulled a knife out!

Stay back" I screamed to him, with tears rolling down my eyes.

"Stay TF back!"

He was approaching me so fast I couldn't help it. Before he came any closer I screamed again.

"Stay back or I'll call the cops on your ass!"

But he wasn't listening, instead he came closer and closer, and he still had his mask on.

I really thought I knew him.

It was clear he knew about Drew and wanted us both dead.

But there's no fucking way in hell my dying!

When he took another step, I threw the knife at him and it landed right on his left chest.

He screamed! "Fuck! You Bitch!"

Fuck! I thought that fucker would be dead.

When I saw he was still breathing I ran out of the kitchen, but before I was out, he grabbed my left foot and "BAM!"

I hit my head on the kitchen floor...

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