The First Time
The First Time growing-up stories
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a juxtaposition

The First Time

by cliffheart

The first time we had sex was at her house.

The first time I had sex with him,

he told me my first time with her didn’t count and I was still a virgin. I never believed him even a little bit, but I didn’t say anything.

The first time with her,

my head was resting on her chest and my hand was on her belly under her shirt, laying on her bed watching cartoons. I moved on top of her and we kissed.

The first time with him,

we were walking back to his place drunk after the football game and he put his arm around my shoulders, removed it to check his phone, and then put it back around my waist.

The first time with her,

her parents were on a weekend college visit with her older sister and we studied on Friday and we drank juice boxes and ate cold pizza on Saturday and we were still naked Sunday morning.

The first time with him,

we came home around eleven and went in through the back door and we crept up the stairs giggling, and I closed the door a little too loud and he shushed me and laughed.

The first time with her,

I had panicked texts and voicemails from my parents and my brother asking when I was coming home and if I needed a ride.

The first time with him,

I told my parents I was staying at her house for a sleepover.

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