Dextrose Damsel


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clichepenname Avant - garde . I like to create trends
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Something abstract and freeverse for today’s prompt honey.

Dextrose Damsel

By Clichepenname

she gravitates to galaxies where tongues are parched for a saccharine cloak to envelop their taste buds she bleeds aureate rivers from bustling veins on her forearms to fill planets with a hope of a sanguine sunrise

a seraphic queen bee who fills her heart with golden salve that heals wounds both visible and limpid to unknown eyes her dense brooks enrich the soil they caress to encloak every arid land with meadows of shimmering sod

once her work’s done, she flies away on buzzing wings to the next stony moon that needs her help wherever she goes, green and blue blossom dextrose damsel hopes one day her salve isn’t needed

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