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A response to the "toes" prompt on 5/30/2018.


They are any of the five digits on the end of a human foot. I've been told that your pinkie toe, although it appears insignificant, plays a large part in your balance as a whole.

Balance is required to be able to pick yourself up and urge yourself to go places and do things.

So in a way the smallest toe on your foot largely contributes to your life so that you as a person are able to be significant in this world where materialism is most prevalent.

You, a singular human out of the seven billion that reside on this planet, will make a contribution.

Whether it is small and private or large and practically Earth shattering, everyone will make a mark on this society.

Your mark may be a glorified streak of color or a jagged scar.

Despite all this it doesn't matter because once you're gone you'll be remembered one way or another, and that is all our selfish nature could possibly hope for.

I wonder if your entire being will be remembered, or just your actions, or your words.

Or, your seemingly insignificant pinkie toe.

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