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cleo_fay and that's the way it is, baby
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A poem dedicated to the "law" prompt on 6/14/2018.


Dear Daughter, you need to try harder so you can go farther. There's not time to get smarter, you need to be smart now.

I don't care about the sweat on your brow, I don't care if you're about to break down. You have to do it now.

Dear Daughter, why do I even bother to give you a future unlike me or your father, when all you have is a ring of smoke around your collar.

This is why we created a plan, so you can get somewhere within your lifespan. We gave you this opportunity, but you waste it with your constant negativity.

You are ungrateful, and the air you breathe is wasteful.

Dear Daughter, I've given you time and space, but all you can be is a pretty little face.

You need to be pretty and smart, so I gave you a head start.

But they're catching up to you, and you don't have a fucking clue, how lucky you are to have me to look to.

Dear Daughter, you don't need any medication, I will be your conciliation.

But don't you dare tell me how you feel, cause that was never a part of our deal.

How could you possibly be depressed, when all I do is steer you towards success.

Dear Daughter, I was just trying to teach you a life lesson, I didn't know you were trying to send me a message.

So when I found you on the floor with tears in your eyes, only then did I truly realize.

That when I gave you a goal to fulfill, it would lead you to these candy colored pills.

Now that booze has taken your will to live, I know now what I really did.

To my dear daughter.

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