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cleo_fay and that's the way it is, baby
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I suffer from a digital disease, like many others.

My face is constantly illuminated by the soft glow of a screen, as sleep escapes me.

My fingers are sewn to this keyboard, damned to type for eternity.

I drink my prescribed poison everyday just feel warmth in my chest despite my throat becoming red and raw.

I use this platform to express my disseminated thoughts, but there's a catch.

I cannot allow my true identity to be revealed, for my very existence has been tarnished by this programmed plague.

I have built a wall around myself with these pixels and computer codes, they have become my barrier, yet it is starting to fall.

I want nothing more than to escape from the harsh grasp of this data processor and to feel real warmth.

My tongue has grown accustomed to the taste of poison and I long for something new and tangible.

These thoughts have led me to my final conclusion, I must become substantial before I can experience true authenticity.

I am removing myself from this digital disease, I am ready to unveil pieces of myself to those who hide behind their screens.

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