Don't Fall for Me
Don't Fall for Me stories

clawedthiniceLiving to perceive.
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For the writers who are afraid to be loved.

Don't Fall for Me

by clawedthinice

Don't fall for me,

I'm already a mess, My mind is a dark place, I don't want you falling to traps--nor you meeting highway ends

Don't fall for me,

For I am a tragedy myself, I aid, I cut my wounds with words, I bleed my soul through Ironies

Don't fall for me

For I will ink you with my nightmares, It would run through your veins, straight to the heart, Leaving you with paper thin scars

Don't fall for me,

For I will paint you with metaphors, Sculp you like an art, Bend you, mold you with searing words

Don't fall for me,

For I make myself believe, Barely living in reality, Drowns in alluring fantasy

Don't fall for me,

For you will be my remedy, My joy, my celebration, My slap of reality

Don't fall for me,

For I want to grieve forever, Curse life forever, Die in fantasy

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