To Speak
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To Speak

to speak with eyes

Every day, made new by the waking of sleepy eyes

yet the same eyes are never made new

These eyes have seen, yet they can unsee when you wish they

When you wish they wouldn't they will and there is not a single thing you can do about it

They say the eyes are the gate to the soul, yet I still haven't found yours

Your eyes are easily seen with their piercing nature, yet i cannot see your true self

They speak to me lovely thoughts about if the way you look into my eyes are the same way I look into yours

I wish I listened to her, and I wish that your eyes told lies

But they don't

and i dont think they ever will

Can you teach your eyes to talk to me in lies and in evil tongues?

Can you stop how I feel?

i dont think i want to stop how i feel

You should speak to me in lies


i dont think you ever will

Just tell me the truth

Without your eyes

With your heart, tell me how it truly is

do you even feel at all?

I feel

I feel


i dont know how feeling feels

and i dont think i ever will

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a year ago
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Wanted to try freestyle. This is a song though

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@michaelschulze Thank you so much!

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The eyes will nearly always speek the truth for this simple reason most people won't look you in the eyes when they are lying in fear of thair eyes giving them away but your thoughts run much deeper than what may be revealed by merely looking into the eyes Nice work now to have the right eyes read it