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Thank you to everyone who submitted questions! I enjoyed answering them!

Theatre Q&A Answers!

@raven0_0 Q: Are you good at acting? A: I mean, I guess so. I've been doing it for six years and I'm still learning.

@brick_smort Q: What was the hardest show? A: Probably Shrek (2018) because the rehearsal process was so lengthy and I was one of the youngest in the cast.

@brick_smort Q: The easiest show? A: The Lion King (2015) because it is not a complicated show.

@brick_smort Q: The show that took the longest? A: Shrek. (2018) The rehearsals started in like November and the show was at the end of March.

@brick_smort Q: The show that took the least amount of time? A: Any of the first four drama camps I did because we put on a show at the end of it but they were only five days long. The fifth drama camp I did was two weeks long.

@brick_smort Q: Your favorite show? A: Either Beat Bugs (2019) or Shrek (2018) because they were both fun.

@brick_smort Q: Your least favorite show? A: James and the Giant Peach (2019) because it was very boring and the directors were not good.

@brick_smort Q: The show with the most dancing? A: James and the Giant Peach (2019) is the only one where I've had to learn three or more dances.

@brick_smort Q: The one with the most singing? A: Beat Bugs (2019) because we had to sing offstage for a lot of it and as a bonus, my mom was the music director hehe.

@brick_smort Q: The one you were happy to be done with? A: James and the Giant Peach (2019) because I didn't like it or Beat Bugs (2019) because we left to go on a vacation to Florida right afterwards but I really did enjoy that show and I met one of my best friends while doing it.

@brick_smort Q: The one that you miss? A: Beat Bugs (2019) because it was only two weeks long and it went by way too fast.

@poeticworld Q: Is acting easy to develop into a career or not? A: If you work hard enough, you can achieve anything, but you have to have lots of patience. It has taken me six years and I am still not anywhere close to done learning, but I know I will never give up, because it is my passion.

@theecollin Q: How many shows have you been in and what where they? A: I have been in 12 shows, and I will list the all on the next page.

The Aristocats 100 Years on Broadway The Lion King Jingle Bell Jukebox Alice In Wonderland 101 Dalmatians Kids on Broadway Pirates Past Noon Shrek Wojer and Wizard of the Wood James and the Giant Peach Beat Bugs

Upcoming Auditions: The Little Mermaid (or not because of corona, show dates are September 18 - 27) A Christmas Story (show dates are November 27 - December 13)

So, yeah. That's the end. Thank you to everyone who submitted questions!

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