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cjhaleAspiring musician Charlotte Hale.
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Roses have thorns, so do people.


by cjhale

Roses are beautiful.

So are people.

But beauty is deceiving.

We don't see the thorns. We don't see the walls. We don't see the heart.

Every thorn, every wall,

Is hiding a beautiful person. A beautiful rose. And it's real.

But often that creature hiding in the dark,

Is broken. They have been frosted over and calloused. They haven't bloomed. They can't even see the light.

So sometimes we need to be a light.

We can direct that withering flower out of the darkness. And we might get hurt.

But thats what happens with thorns.

And one day, those thorns will be gone. And everything you've done will have been worth it. You saved a life. And true beauty has bloomed.

To you who can be a light.

Are you brave enough? Will you fight for a hurting soul? I will. Because that bloom is worth everything to me.

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