Rib Cage.
Rib Cage. trap stories
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cjhaleArtist & muscian Charlotte Hale.
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Ribs are cages for a reason.

Rib Cage.

by cjhale

My heart beats rapidlyinside my chest.

Beneath my breast it hums a frantic rhythm, the persistent pounding like a soul trapped, trying to fight its way out.

It's my soul that is trapped in my chest.

It screams within my heart, shaking my body, and eroding my mind from my throat.

God make it stop.

My ribs have caged my beastly soul that is my heart.

But still I feel it ooze from my chest, its fingers clawing their way out. Grasping for someone to love...

Stupid heart.

Stupid cage.

Stupid pounding in my head.

Make it stop.

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