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cjhaleTeen Charlotte Hale, call me Charlie.
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He loves me like I am, no matter how hard I try to cut him off.


by cjhale. For S. B. Thank you for loving me, even though I told you not to

There's a guy who loves me.

No, it's not romantic. But he loves me. He told me so.

I don't know what I did.

Maybe I didn't do anything, but somehow he loves me.

Even while I'm cutting.

Even when panic attacks consume me. Even with my scars. He loves me.

I'm scared.

Scared I'll do something wrong. I'm still learning to love, barely starting to crawl. This is me after all. And I'm sure I'm hard to love.

Yet somehow he loves me. And I choose to trust him.

I love him after all. My friend. He has stolen my heart you see, and I hope he never breaks it. But for now it is his, and I don't really mind.

I hope he takes care of it.

It's been broken and bruised and burned before. And my heart is calloused, but I trust him. I love him.

I am loved.

And I am grateful. My scars, my bruises, it doesn't matter. I am loved. I A M L O V E D.

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cjhaleBronze CommaTeen Charlotte Hale, call me Charlie.
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a year agoReply
You may find it strange to be love in this way but I to love a young lady i have never met and her story is very similar she reached out with words that I needed and now she trusts me not to hurt her I'm old enough to be here grandfather but I love her so beautiful words Charlie

bernardtwindwilGold CommaGranddad & story teller,
a year agoReply
The clever wording led to the wonder of it all in this poem. The tenderness and sensitivity is beautiful. Good job!