A Rant About Fan-fiction and How People Look at it
A Rant About Fan-fiction and How People Look at it rant stories

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A Rant About Fan-fiction and How People Look at it

Trigger Warning: This rant mentions a lot of triggers, so if you have any serious ones, I will provide a warning so that you can skip over the next page.

Hello! I know this isn't something that I would normally post, but I wanted to get it off my chest

I like reading fan-fiction. I find it entertaining and fun, and a way to get more quality contnent from my favorite franchises.

But fan-fiction faces a lot of stigmas and biases. And I think they are unfair, so I want to bring up some common points and shut them down.

First: They dont challenge you the way "real stories" do

I am sorry, but I just find that fact untrue. I go searching on a website like archive of our own and I find some well written stories that are absolute BEHEMOTHS. I am talking hundreds of chapters, and complex themes and charecter arcs. Sure, there are some that are written by 10 year olds, but there are also some that are written by actual published authors.

Second: They dont cover serious topics the way real books do

EXCUSE ME? That is straight up wrong. Trigger warning for pretty much every common trigger, skip the next page if you have any common triggers.

Fanfictions I have read have included topics such as: abuse, deppresion, anxiety, anorexia, racisim and microagressions, homophobia, war, alcohal adiction, suicide, self harm, government corruption, and child manipulaiton.

All of these are nothing to scoff at and many of them are relevant to today's society. But many of them aren't covered in books normally for teenagers, which is often the majority of people reading fan-fiction. Of course, adults read it too, but teens are a huge chunck of that group.

In published books for teens, writers dont want to casually talk about these problems unless it is the entire subject of the book which, for someone like me, who much prefers fantasy, can be quite boring. But they don't talk about it in fantasy books because they risk their book getting backlash and making less money because of it.

Fan fiction writers don't have to worry about this, because they arent doing it to make money. They are doing it out of passion. Therefore, they can cover these topics without fear, and allow people to learn about them in a way that is intresting to them.

Now, I am not saying that normal books do not have their place. It is deinitly important to read published books as well. Reading only fan-fiction is a bad idea. But the fact that these great stories have to take so much backlash just because they are based off pre-existing franchises is ignorant and biased. Sorry for the rant, but I really needed to get that off my chest

Fan-fiction is awesome

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