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cicibI’m self aware and I still don’t care
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Can you handle my complexities ? I fear they’ll be the death of me, I’ve wanted you so desperately.

And that hasn’t changed, It’s just been rearranged

We’ve always known we had a faulty start, It’s partially way we’ve grown apart.

You say you have a lot on your plate and trust me I can relate

I fear we are in two different states. But I know that’s something you would try to negate,

You would have me believe everything is just great That all the tension is just something my mind creates.

Tell me the things that you are afraid to say, Even if you think I wouldn’t stay

It’s going to come out anyway

I love that you can touch me, and make my nether regions feel lovely. And at times even positivity bubbly

But is that enough ? All that and you buying me stuff?

Will you be by my side when the going gets tough ? Will you remain loyal to me when I’m looking rather rough?

Would you let me know if you developed a Work crush? If I say “yeah I’m fine.” Would you know I’m telling a lie?

Would you know what to say when you see me trying not to cry? Do you believe in real true love?

And that it was made somewhere from above?

I want a unearthly connection, that undeniable affection Are we heading in the right direction ?

At the end will we still like our reflections?

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