My Own Acrimony
My Own Acrimony  love stories

cicibI’m self aware and I still don’t care
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My Own Acrimony

I hear the things you want in a woman

And I am afraid she is someone else you’re going to have to summon

I’m too this or too that

Or it could simply be I’ve gotten too fat, Don’t worry I’m working to getting leaner

I can tell by your questions I’m no longer the only one under your discretion,

You wish I had the traits of another and I’ve started to be the type that smothers

I’m not enough of this I’m not enough of that

I don’t think I ever have been as a matter of fact

how exactly do you expect for me to react ? I know all the b****es you attract

For your sake I hope the next one isnt such a screamer, And I certainly hope she isn’t much meaner

But that’s okay because you may think the grass is greener

So funny of me to think you could possibly be my redeemer

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