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cicibI’m self aware and I still don’t care
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I have made myself irrelevant... This to me has become evident.

Because of my insecure nature, I have grown accustomed to my isolating behavior.

My “friends” probably don’t understand, They just know I’ve fallen off the face of the Earth again, I can’t tell you when this fucked up pattern began.

I have the innate fear, Of allowing people to get too near.

And because of that I get cast off as being “weird”. Where I fit in is never clear.

It’s a lonely place to be, when you feel as if you’re not being seen. I’m the uninvited, unexcited, tag-a-long, not as pretty friend, And I know that’s what I’ve always been.

This isn’t a pity party, I say that as I pour myself a shot of Bacardi. Cheers to me, myself, and I

I might as well just get high, I’m not going to cry, Maybe I should just shrivel up and __________.

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