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cicib I’m self aware and I still don’t care
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Life isn’t fair


How do you do this ? Just enter someone’s life and blow through it,

Everything she’s ever known is gone. All independence snatched away,

Leaving a good person to lay fucked up, just waiting to decay Yes, that’s hard for me to say...

But it’s the truth of the illness I wish we had a cure, The doctors just nod their head and concur

I know it’s not their fault, it’s just fucked up that this has brought her whole life to a screeching halt. But I shouldn’t complain because Im not the one in the physical pain

I’m begging you to please just still it, Don’t let it progress She can’t handled this added stress.

Give us a warning of what’s next, So we can be prepared, and make the most of this time still left to share

I just watch and honestly I’m in shock, They tell us that there is nothing that we can do,

We’re just supposed to sit back and watch this fucked up shit take over you ? Is that truly the only solution ? It’s 2018 It shouldn’t be the conclusion

God I don’t understand, she hasn’t done anything wrong Why have you seen fit have this bullshit come along

Just take it away I don’t care what we have to pay

This isn’t right But we’ll always keep up our fight

I just want you to know I love you, we’ll remain to cover you

and when bad goes to worse And we see the continued affects of this curse

Just remember you have family And we’re here to stand with you Don’t worry about anything, we’ve got you

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