Tinder Tips pt.3
Tinder Tips pt.3 dating stories

ciarose Posting Tinder Adventures and Tips.
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Tinder Tips pt.3! Thanks for all the support.

Tinder Tips pt.3

by ciarose

What's the best pickup line that's been used on you?

"If you teech me guitar I'll teech you how to write good." Not even a pickup line. We went on like three dates and stopped seeing each other only because he was stationed to a new base.

Do girls play hard to get? How do you get around that?

Yes some do. My advice is to take it at their pace while showing them that you genuinely care. They usually do that because they want to feel in control or are guarding themselves.

Are there any automatic "no"s?

When I look at someone's profile; if I see only cars, "eff you" pictures, or something that's disrespectful in any way, it's a hard no.

Thanks for reading and please feel free to ask any questions for next week!

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